Home & Business recommends doing a Precision Tune-up on your HVAC system twice a year, Spring and Fall. Our precision tune-up includes the following:
– Clean and adjust burner
– Clean ignition assembly
– Clean heat exchanger or elements
– Adjust operating pressures
– Monitor starting capabilities
– Test safety controls
– Clean or replace filters
– Clean and adjust blower components
– Tighten electrical connections
– Measure Volts/amps on motors
– Lubricate all moving parts
– Adjust thermostat calibration
– Clean evaporator coil if accessible
– Clean condenser coil
– Clean condensate drains
– Measure temperature difference

Additional benefits of being signed up on a maintenance contract are:
– Improved efficiency
– Extended equipment life
– Improved capacity
– 10% discount on repair service
– Priority customer
– Inflation protection
– 24 hour Emergency Service

So, why wait? Call today to schedule YOUR precision tune-up!!

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