Home & Business recommends doing a Precision Tune-up on your HVAC system twice a year, Spring and Fall. Our precision tune-up includes the following:
– Clean and adjust burner
– Clean ignition assembly
– Clean heat exchanger or elements
– Adjust operating pressures
– Monitor starting capabilities
– Test safety controls
– Clean or replace filters
– Clean and adjust blower components
– Tighten electrical connections
– Measure Volts/amps on motors
– Lubricate all moving parts
– Adjust thermostat calibration
– Clean evaporator coil if accessible
– Clean condenser coil
– Clean condensate drains
– Measure temperature difference

Additional benefits of being signed up on a maintenance contract are:
– Improved efficiency
– Extended equipment life
– Improved capacity
– 10% discount on repair service
– Priority customer
– Inflation protection
– 24 hour Emergency Service

So, why wait? Call today to schedule YOUR precision tune-up!!

2 comments on “Maintenance”

  1. Megan Reply

    Needing to find someone that can clean duct work from unit to the vent. Have a special needs child who have no immune system at all. We just came back to Ruston and are staying with family but we need to make sure the ventilation system to clean and free of mold and dust. If it gets in his lungs it will kill him. So if someone could please contact me as soon as they can I need to get prices for getting this done. Thank you

    Megan Owens

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